Thanking Our Defenders

By Rep. Mike Sanders

The men and women of the United States Armed Services have a long and proud history of defending the nation. From the American Revolutionary War to our present conflicts in the Middle East, America’s military service members have diligently looked out for the safety of their countrymen. On Veterans Day, we recognize those who have retired from the military, active military members and those who made the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf.

The U.S. struggle against global terrorism has not been easy on American troops or their families. Yet, they have endured and we have seen them succeed in their objectives.

Brave men and women have protected the U.S. throughout history. American soldiers brought down terrible threats to global security in the two World Wars. They fought bravely in the Vietnam and Korean conflicts and Operation Desert Storm. Even when we are not at war, the military is always active in defending the country.

We will never forget the price of freedom – the sacrifices of brave men and women who helped defend our country and our rights. They deserve our everlasting gratitude and praise.

I want to thank our veterans and military personnel for their service to us and this United States of America. You truly are the defenders of peace and liberty.

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