Say No to Cap and Trade

Say No to Cap and Trade

By State Rep. Mike Sanders

Regular citizens from across the country made it known that current federal proposals to institute a government-run health care system were neither responsible nor welcome. My hope is that citizens will again make their voices heard once they are aware of the federally proposed “cap and trade” legislation that threatens to skyrocket energy prices in the Midwest, including Oklahoma.

What may concern regular folks the most is that the bill’s supporters defeated House Republican amendments over the summer to discontinue the program if gas hit $5 a gallon, if electricity prices rose more than 10 percent over 2009, or if unemployment rates hit 15 percent. Supporters of the legislation have clearly acknowledged the potential for those results and have made their disregard for average citizens pointedly clear by striking down such amendments.

Like the health care legislation, not only will the “cap and trade” system have adverse effects, but will also use our taxpayer dollars to do it. Unsurprisingly, the states that stand to benefit the most – California and Massachussetts – have senators and representatives who strongly support the legislation. Because their electrical power is not derived from energy intially generated by coal, they will not be burdened in the same way Midwestern states that do receive coal generated energy will be.

The tax increases made to pay for the legislation will partly go to Third World countries for the creation of clean energy sources. Oklahoma is already a “donor state,” which means that we contribute more to federal revenue through taxes than we receive in services. Why should we also help to fund development in Third World countries when there are Oklahomans who struggle?

What is the benefit we are to receive from all this? Protection from the dreaded global warming? Even though some scientist concur that it is occuring and that it could be manmade (a point disputed by other scientists), there is little evidence that its effects will be devastating and no proof that we have any reason to fear. The media has seized on the “gloom and doom” of the more extreme projections. Meanwhile, some predictions that concern dates that have already come and past have shown to be utterly inaccurate. Even if, out of caution, we were to try to reduce carbon emissions, there is no reason to do so in a drastic way that will hurt this country’s citizens.

The Oklahoma Legislature has been looking into wind energy as a potential source of some energy and been pushing the use of compressed natural gas as a more environmentally-friendly and cheaper source of vehicle fuel. Oklahomans, surrounded by so much natural beauty, aren’t anti-environment. I believe though that we might have just a bit more common sense than our federal government.

If you have any questions or concerns I can be reached at my office at the Capitol at (405) 557-7407.

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