Sanders to Sign Supreme Court Petition to Lift Gun Bans

Sanders to Sign Supreme Court Petition to Lift Gun Bans

OKLAHOMA CITY (October 23, 2009) – State Rep. Mike Sanders will add his signature to a brief that will be submitted by the plaintiff in an upcoming Supreme Court case challenging state and local bans of the right to keep and bear firearms.

McDonald v. Chicago challenges the constitutionality of the Chicago gun ban and will soon be heard by the Supreme Court. Sanders said as a card-carrying NRA member, he is joining the organization's effort to collect as many signatures from state lawmakers as they can to include in an amicus curiae  (or “friend of the court”)  brief.

“The Supreme Court has already struck down the District of Columbia’s gun ban and said that the Second Amendment guarantees our right to have guns in the home for self-defense,” Sanders, R-Kingfisher, said. “Oddly, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the Chicago gun ban, but I believe the Supreme Court will reverse the lower court ruling and again uphold our Second Amendment rights. The NRA is asking state lawmakers to add their signatures to a brief to establish that many officials across the country support the removal of these state gun bans that needlessly and unconstitutionally restrict the rights of ordinary citizens.”

Sanders said he believes it highly unlikely that the Supreme Court would uphold state gun bans after striking down the District of Columbia’s ban, but that he thinks the NRA is right to focus on the issue.

“I have heard stories of citizens who were prosecuted after using an “illegal” firearm to save their own lives or their families or even perfect strangers,” Sanders said. “In Oklahoma, we understand how important the right to bear arms is and believe that the same right should be protected throughout the nation. I am calling on all Oklahoma state lawmakers to add their signature to the brief.”

Lawmakers can let the NRA know they want to be a signatory on the brief by sending an e-mail indicating the desire to be included and including the lawmaker’s district and contact information by Oct. 30.

“Guns are as common in Oklahoma as the deer they’re used to shoot,” Sanders said. “Oklahomans believe strongly in their right to bear arms and few understand why such gun bans have existed as long as they have.”

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