Sanders Honored as Healthcare Advocate by Nurse Anesthetists

OKLAHOMA CITY – House Majority Leader Mike Sanders recently received a Champion Award by the Oklahoma Association of Nurse Anesthetists (OANA) for going above and beyond to advocate for healthcare in Oklahoma.

Sanders was recognized for being an extraordinary advocate for improved healthcare in the state. He received the award at OANA’s annual spring conference, March 30.

OANA is a non-profit and non-partisan organization representing Nurse Anesthetists across Oklahoma. The association advocates for improving healthcare access and health outcomes and represents over 600 advanced practice registered nurses statewide. Every spring the OANA recognizes legislators who embody the mission of the OANA to promote healthcare for the citizens of Oklahoma.

“Ensuring adequate healthcare for Oklahomans, particularly those in rural areas, is of utmost importance to me,” Sanders said. “We need to make sure our citizens have access to services and programs that will help them stay healthy and well. I’m thrilled to be recognized as someone who advocates for improved healthcare. Even if I received no award, however, I still would fight this fight.”

OANA said it appreciates the willingness of legislators, such as Sanders, to find solutions to help Oklahomans achieve better health outcomes and wellness. The groups said the state’s future is very bright with the current slate of elected lawmakers at the state Capitol.



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