Sanders Files Legislation To Protect Children From Abuse

Sanders Files Legislation To Protect Children From Abuse

OKLAHOMA CITY – Those who abuse children, especially children under the age of 12, need to be kept behind bars, state Rep. Mike Sanders said today.

Legislation filed by Sanders, R-Kingfisher, would increase the penalty for the sexual exploitation or abuse of a child to a 50-year sentence. House Bill 2968 would also require sex offender registries to include a map-able address and zip code.

“It is imperative that we protect the children of Oklahoma from these child predators by keeping them behind bars,” Sanders said. “I also think we must protect our children by requiring additional information on sex offender registries, specifically an address with a zip code that can be mapped rather than a P.O. Box or an address that cloaks the location of the sex offender.”

Sanders noted that child abuse is a problem that has plagued the state and must be addressed.  

“We cannot allow such terrible crimes to  continue,” Sanders said. “Anything we can do to prevent them must be done. This legislation will increase the minimum sentence these predators must receive if convicted.”

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