Request for Satanic monument at Capitol has zero legislative support, will not be approved

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. Mike Sanders said today that the New York-based Satanic Temple’s goal of achieving a monument on Oklahoma State Capitol grounds cannot occur without support from state legislators and they will oppose it.

The monument proposal comes in reaction to the Ten Commandments monument that was authorized to be placed on Oklahoma State Capitol grounds. The New York-based Satanic Temple notified the Oklahoma Capitol Preservation Commission that it will soon submit designs to the commission, but that’s as far as the proposal will go, Sanders said.

“Oklahoma does not have to accept the donation of a satanic monument,” said Sanders, R-Kingfisher. “In the 2009 Pleasant Grove City v. Summum U.S. Supreme Court case, the court decided unanimously that even if a monument such as the Ten Commandments was approved, there is no requirement that other monuments must be approved. Legislative approval is required and I want to assure all Oklahomans that your elected representatives have no intention of supporting this plan that goes against the Christian principles we hold dear.”

Sanders said the proposal is a desperate ploy by disgruntled individuals who can’t read the “writing on the wall.”

“We are a Christian nation and we may tolerate the existence of such individuals as this group represents, but we will not accept their efforts to offend and insult us,” Sanders said. “They are trying to stir up the fear that placing a Ten Commandments monument on Capitol grounds will open the door to them, but it simply isn’t true. We can have our Ten Commandments monument and send their proposal where it belongs – in the garbage.”

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