Representatives to Make a Stop at ENDUI Checkpoint

OKLAHOMA CITY – A group of republican state representatives are set to join the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department and the Edmond Police Department at an ENDUI checkpoint Friday.

ENDUI checkpoints stop motorists and check for drivers who may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. More than a quarter of Oklahoma’s traffic fatalities involve alcohol.

House Majority Leader Mike Sanders, Rep. Scott Biggs, Rep. Mike Osburn, Rep. Rhonda Baker, Rep. John Paul Jordan, Rep. John Pfeifer, and Rep. Randy Worthen will meet the law enforcement officers at an undisclosed ENDUI checkpoint location in Edmond.

“Driving under the influence is one of the most lethal yet preventable things humans do,” Biggs said. “As representatives, we feel fortunate to have this opportunity to see how ENDUI, a lifesaving program, works in the field.” 

The representatives also want to use this opportunity to let law enforcement officers know that the legislature is behind them.

“Our friends at OHP and law enforcement officers across the state work tirelessly to ensure that Oklahoma roads are as safe as possible,” Sanders said. “As lawmakers, we can fund programs like ENDUI all day long, but without trained law enforcement officers, these programs won’t work. The success of ENDUI is a testament to the professionalism and leadership of our state’s law enforcement officers.”

The Friday checkpoint will also mark a first for collaboration as the Edmond Police Department is scheduled to join the Oklahoma Highway Patrol for their first ENDUI checkpoint.

“The Edmond police department is made up of officers that just want to protect their community,” said Rep. Mike Osburn, R- Edmond. “I’m not surprised to learn that they are participating in this worthwhile program, and I look forward to seeing them out there.”

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