Reflections on our Independence

By State Rep. Mike Sanders

For me, Independence Day is a reminder of the determination and sacrifices it took to create and preserve the country we enjoy today. The colonists who dared to declare their independence from Great Britain envisioned a nation that would be ruled by the people rather than an elite faction of society. They wanted a nation of empowered citizens working together to improve their lives as one.

The United States of America inspired millions of immigrants to make long voyages from Europe and other countries to taste the way of life and freedom made possible by our founding fathers and the sacrifices of Revolutionary War soldiers. Americans took advantage of their new freedoms and helped grow a nation that surpassed all others, including their former colonial rulers. By the time Europe was seized by two World Wars, we had become powerful enough to be the deciding factor in stopping the growth of fascist empires.

Since that time, the United States has continued to involve itself in world affairs, resolving conflicts abroad and, when necessary, eliminating threats to our national security. Today’s troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are striving to stabilize a region from which some of the greatest threats to our national security have come in recent times.

On this Independence Day, I would like to thank our veterans and our current military servicemen and women for their service. Our nation has existed for 234 years because of the courage of those who put themselves in harm’s way. Freedom is not free.

Our nation was founded on Christian principles of equality. God loves all of his children equally. We should always strive to protect our rights and serve as watchdogs against government intrusions. Especially in hard times such as these, it is important that we continue the American traditions of thriftiness and grit. If we do so, I believe we will continue to be the greatest nation in the world.

I will be traveling through the district during the interim and will keep you regularly updated on the ideas and problems presented to me by constituents. As always, I would love to hear from you. I can be reached at the Capitol at (405) 557-7407.

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