NW Oklahoma Rep. Mike Sanders Receives Highest Score from Taxpayer Watchdog Group

OKLAHOMA CITY (Aug. 6, 2015) -- State Rep. Mike Sanders, of Kingfisher, is one of only three Oklahoma lawmakers to receive a perfect rating for his votes during the recent legislative session on issues related to taxpayer interests. 

Sanders earned a grade of 100 percent on the legislative scorecard released by OCPA Impact, a nonpartisan organization that serves as the advocacy partner of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, a free-market think tank. 

"Each day, hardworking Oklahomans are facing more and more hurdles placed in front of them by their federal government," Sanders said. 

"We have the opportunity and responsibility, then, to make Oklahoma a more welcoming place for families, taxpayers and job creators. This includes applying common sense and accountability to our state government so it doesn't get too big and unaffordable." 

OCPA Impact advances legislation at the Oklahoma Capitol to help grow the private-sector economy and jobs climate statewide. The organization is based in Oklahoma City. 

The scorecard released in June by the organization looks at how Oklahoma's 149 state legislators voted during the 2015 session on key bills related to issues of economic freedom, free enterprise, individual opportunity, limited state government and encroachment by the federal government. 

Bills featured on the scorecard include measures to prevent in Oklahoma what has recently taken place in Denton, Tex., where energy producers and mineral rights owners have been barred from drilling for oil and natural gas. 

The scorecard also looks at bills aiming to responsibly reduce Oklahoma's tax burden and spend taxpayer dollars more effectively and efficiently. 

In addition, the scorecard lists as a negative vote the general appropriations bill for Oklahoma government's new fiscal year. The bill was part of a budget agreement that will reduce funding for road and bridge maintenance while increasing funding for other government agencies. Sanders, who chairs the House Appropriations & Budget Transportation Subcommittee, voted against the bill. 

All totaled, in 22 opportunities during session, Sanders voted each time in the best interests of growth-minded taxpayers, according to the scorecard. 

"Some lawmakers go to the Capitol in Oklahoma City and do a good job representing taxpayers in their districts back home, and some have other priorities," said Dave Bond, OCPA Impact's CEO. 

"Taxpayers and voters in Northwest Oklahoma should be glad to know Rep. Sanders consistently votes to keep the burden of state government spending and taxes low and to limit the amount of government in our daily lives. His votes reflect an emphasis on sustainable jobs instead of the priorities of government bureaucrats." 

For more information about OCPA Impact and to view the full scorecard, including bill summaries, please visit www.ocpaimpact.com/2015-legislative-scorecard. 

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