OKLAHOMA CITY (March 8, 2010) – Under legislation passed today by the House, registered sex offenders would no longer be able to submit a P.O. Box or other address that cannot be mapped to the sex offender registry, state Rep. Mike Sanders said.

House Bill 2968, by Sanders, would require sex offenders to submit a physical, mappable address.

There are too many ways for sex offenders to slip through the system,” Sanders, R-Kingfisher, said. “I think we must close those loopholes in order to better protect the children of Oklahoma from child predators. Without a mappable address, parents can only determine what city a child molester lives in. For larger cities or unincorporated areas, the information is useless if it cannot be mapped.”

Sanders noted that many child predators become repeat offenders, even with psychological counseling. He said not only is he carrying this legislation, but has also supported another measure, House Bill 2965, which will make repeat offenders eligible for the death penalty and first-time offenders eligible for life without parole.

“Registries assist parents in keeping their children out of harm’s way, but are not foolproof,” Sanders said. “Unfortunately, many offenders disappear. That’s why I also supported House Bill 2965, which not only increases the penalties for sex offenders but also prevents offenders from claiming homelessness to avoid registering.”

House Bill 2968 passed 94-0 and next heads to the Senate for consideration.

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