House Committee Approves President George W. Bush Bridge

OKLAHOMA CITY – Legislation approved today by a House committee would designate the southbound bridge on US 277/US 281 crossing the Red River as the “President George W. Bush Bridge”.

State Rep. Mike Sanders, the House author of Senate Bill 304, said that having worked on the president’s 2000 campaign and having served in the Bush administration, he was honored to carry the bill.

“President George W. Bush oversaw a difficult period in American history and was able to accomplish much in his eight years of office,” said Sanders, R-Kingfisher. “Oklahomans voted overwhelmingly for him in the Republican primaries and general elections. I think the majority of our state’s residents would be proud to recognize him and our part in his election.”

Sanders served as a national volunteer and intern coordinator on the 2000 presidential campaign. He served as the Director of Interns at the White House and as the United States Department of Agriculture Deputy Chief of Staff for Rural Development and Senior Advisor for Natural Resources and Conservation Service.

“It was an honor to serve an American president and I will never forget it,” Sanders said. Senate Bill 304 now proceeds to the full House for consideration.

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