Governor Signings, Legislative Approval

By State Rep. Mike Sanders

This week a bill that I authored passed through the Senate. While it did not make it through the legislative process last year, I am glad that it is moving forward in becoming a law. House Bill 1835 would create a better firefighter tax credit system to ensure our rural firefighters have the training they need to protect our communities from the variety of natural disasters we experience in Western Oklahoma. Rural firefighters combat fires originating in a variety of ways and provide assistance during our annual ice storms and tornadoes. With the support of other legislators, this bill was passed by the Senate unanimously. In the final stage of becoming law, this bill now heads to Governor Mary Fallin for her approval.

I was also pleased by the unanimous Senate passage of House Bill 2723, which authorizes county commissioners to execute deeds of conveyance of county lands acquired at tax resale to the Oklahoma Health Care Authority.

Two Senate bills I sponsored in the House have already been signed into law by Governor Mary Fallin. Senate Bill 221 modifies county purchase order processing by allowing purchase orders to be paid at the first meeting of the board of county commissioners five days after presentation for payment. Senate Bill 223 takes the responsibility of the fair board elections from the county clerks to the election board. This makes all fair board elections conform under the state election board.

Another bill I authored, House Bill 2371, has also been signed into law. When the new law takes effect, it will raise the amount that counties can issue as a blanket purchase order to cover the repair of county equipment to $5,000, making our policies consistent with current law.

Finally, I would like to mention the House passage of Senate Bill 1863. The legislation would authorize colleges and career technology centers to accept academic credit for education, training and experience received during military service for honorably discharged members of the military who attend a higher education institution within three years of the end of their military duty. The bill also makes qualifications received during military service applicable toward professional licenses and allows for the extension and renewal of licenses without payment or continuing education for deployed active military members.

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