Giving Thanks for Life’s Many Blessings

Giving Thanks for Life’s Many Blessings

By State Rep. Mike Sanders

The novelty and wonder of having your very own child may be one of life’s greatest blessings. As this particular Thanksgiving marks my son Davis’s first, I thought it would be appropriate to tell you about how blessed our family is.

We are thankful for many blessings this year. Oklahoma has made it to the top of many lists recently. Oklahoma City has earned the distinction of most recession-proof and the best place to start a small business. Our air force bases continue to add jobs rather than shed them. I have heard recently that the Department of Commerce is fundraising to pay for a $3 million campaign to promote the state on national television and in other media, placing ads on channels where top executives get their news. I believe there are great things in store for Oklahoma and am grateful that not only will Oklahomans continue to have jobs, but that more are on the way.

My family is especially grateful for our active-duty military men and women who are abroad making the world a safer place for the rest of us. Many may not get to see their families on Thanksgiving. That is the sacrifice they are making to help stabilize the Middle East, an important step in reducing terrorism activity worldwide. I am also thankful to our veterans, who have fought for us in the past and continue to serve our communities in a variety of ways.

One of our greatest blessings is the many freedoms we enjoy. People all over the world aspire to live in the United States and recognize the high quality of life citizens enjoy here. Not only is our quality of life high, but we continue to search for ways to further improve it. Ours is truly a country of endless possibilities.

Enjoy our many blessings this Thanksgiving. As always, I would love to hear from you. I can be reached at the Capitol at (405) 557-7407.

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