Exercise Your Right to Vote

By State Rep. Mike Sanders

In many ways, I feel like election day is a second Independence Day, because while we celebrate the many rights we have in this country on July 4, it is on Nov. 2 that we exercise one of our most important rights of all. One of the founding principles of our nation was to empower ordinary citizens by giving them the right to representation. “No taxation without representation” was the famous cry at the Boston tea party. They wanted to be able to elect representatives from their community to government.

Through an incredible struggle and unlikely success, Americans achieved that representation and earned their right to vote. This year, we will get the chance to take part in a historic election in which the state’s first female governor will be chosen from two high-profile, long-time public servants. In addition to that historic choice, there will be a string of statewide offices to elect and 11 state questions to choose from. Polling shows that in many of the races, even a small number of voters could make the difference. It would be a shame if those voters stayed home.

Many brave American men and women have fought to preserve our American system of government, and we honor them by voting. In countries under communist rule and other undemocratic forms of government, citizens get no voice at all. I would urge all local residents to not only honor this right by taking part in this election, but by also doing your homework to ensure that this right is carefully and thoughtfully exercised.

As always, I would love to hear from you. I can be reached at the Capitol at (405) 557-7407.

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