Ban on Sex Offenders Living with Minors Signed into Law


Today, state Rep. Mike Sanders praised Gov. Mary Fallin for signing a bill to protect Oklahoma’s children.

Sanders authored House Bill 3049 after learning that state law does not prohibit a sex offender from living with a minor child. This legislation bans sex offenders who previously abused a child from living with minors.

“A convicted sex offender was living with a minor in my district and I was told that it was not technically illegal,” said Sanders, R-Kingfisher. “I couldn’t have been more surprised. It seems illogical to me that sex offenders cannot reside near schools, yet they can live with a minor child. It’s time to fix this loophole and I was proud to see it win the support of our lawmakers.”

Sanders said the new law will complement Department of Human Services reforms to make the state safer for children.

“It’s heartbreaking to hear the story of a child’s death or suffering and to know that there were ways that it could have been prevented,” Sanders said. “I thank Governor Fallin for her support on this legislation.”

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