AT&T Demonstrates MOBILE BROADBAND Service 
at Woodward Event

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AT&T demonstrates MOBILE BROADBAND service 
at woodward event
Four Area Cell Towers Upgraded to Offer High-Speed Wireless Service

woodward, Okla., Nov. 10, 2010 — AT&T* today officially launched its mobile broadband network in Woodward with a community event featuring a demonstration of the new high-speed wireless service at the Woodward campus of Northwestern Oklahoma State University.

“We’re proud to bring our third-generation mobile broadband service to this area,” said Steve Gray, vice president and general manager for AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets in Arkansas and Oklahoma. “Mobile broadband brings DSL-like speeds to your phone or computer, but without any cables or phone lines. It’s a wireless service that gives you super-fast access to the Internet, video and audio, data, e-mail and more.”

AT&T is an industry leader in delivering the benefits of mobile broadband networks, devices and applications. With the nation’s fastest mobile broadband network, AT&T provides accelerated mobile data speeds and simultaneous voice and data capabilities for an amazing wireless voice and data experience.

Gray said AT&T upgraded four cell towers in the Woodward vicinity to bring mobile broadband service to the area, a project that is part of AT&T’s 2010 network investment program in Oklahoma this year. In the first six months of 2010, AT&T invested nearly $35 million in its Oklahoma wireless network.

Bryan Gonterman, president, AT&T Oklahoma, said AT&T has a long-standing commitment to serve Oklahoma and to bringing the latest technology to more communities. AT&T’s total capital investment in its Oklahoma wireless and wireline networks from 2007 through 2009 was nearly $650 million.

“When businesses look to expand or relocate, it is crucial that Woodward is able to offer them technology and services that rival those found in our state’s biggest cities,” said Ira Smith, chairman, Woodward Industrial Foundation.

Smith credited state Sen. Bryce Marlatt and state Rep. Mike Sanders with helping to bring the new technology to Woodward. “We are fortunate to have legislators at the state Capitol who are working to create the business environment that encourages this type of high-tech investment,” Smith said.

“The investment in a stronger wireless network for Woodward will help attract business and strengthen our local economy,” Marlatt said. “People of all ages today rely on being able to stay in touch with friends and family members and to transact their everyday business using a wireless phone or device.”

“High-speed wireless broadband is the next evolution of wireless communications, and I’m excited that Woodward is now at the forefront,” Sanders said.

In Woodward, AT&T products and services are available at the AT&T store at 2728 Williams Ave.

Wireless data traffic on the AT&T network has grown more than 5,000 percent over the past three years, largely attributed to the increasing popularity of advanced smartphones and the performance of AT&T’s 3G network, the nation’s fastest.

The expansion of mobile broadband service is one of many ongoing network initiatives planned to enhance coverage and capacity across the country. AT&T recently upgraded mobile broadband cell sites nationwide to High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA) 7.2. Future plans include another upgrade to HSPA+ technology at the end of this year followed by the initial deployment next year of LTE, the next-generation of wireless technology. These advancements, when combined with an ongoing initiative to increase the number of high-speed backhaul connections to cell sites, are a part of AT&T’s strategy to provide customers with an enhanced mobile broadband experience, both today and in the future.

AT&T’s mobile broadband network is based on the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) family of technologies that includes GSM and UMTS, the most widely used wireless network platforms in the world. AT&T has the best international coverage of any U.S. wireless provider, providing access to voice service in over 220 countries and data service in more than 195 countries. AT&T also offers voice and data roaming coverage on more than 135 major cruise ships, as well as mobile broadband services in more than 120 countries.

For more information about AT&T’s mobile broadband coverage in Oklahoma or anywhere in the United States, consumers can visit The online tool can measure the quality of coverage based on a street address, intersection, ZIP code or even a landmark.

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