America Overcomes

By State Rep. Mike Sanders

I encourage you on this Fourth of July to take a second and think about how far our nation has come and how many struggles it has overcome.

The colonists who founded this nation faced an incredibly powerful country when they decided they could not settle for anything less than a representative government.

Even after the United States won the Revolutionary War, the country continued to face tests.  Read through the biography of any president and you will see that there has rarely been a time in which Americans did not argue over how the nation should be governed. There has also rarely been a time when our nation hasn’t had to think about and set a course for dealing with the outside world.

During all our nation’s years of struggle, Americans have prospered and our nation has grown. We have become the world power that was the deciding factor in both World Wars, and have continued to protect not only ourselves but the weak and oppressed around the world.

These days, we face many challenges over the terrible finances of our country and the continuing threat of terrorism abroad.

We have always been a nation that struggled and will always face new challenges. We, the People, will also always overcome.

We owe our freedoms and way of life to those who have come before us and made sacrifices on our behalf. Freedom, courage and sacrifice are enduring values in America.  We see them day in and day out in the actions of our brave military men and women.

Not every action taken by an American serviceman or woman is as dramatic, but each of those actions is heroic. When these individuals sign up for service, they are inviting danger in order to protect all of us. I thank them, and those veterans who came before them, for the protection and service provided to all of us.

Take care and have a safe Fourth of July weekend.

During the interim I will be traveling the district, but will regularly check the calls I receive at the Capitol office at (405) 557-7407.

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