2010 Session Legislation Filed

2010 Session Legislation Filed

By State Rep. Mike Sanders

Though the 2010 session has yet to begin, lawmakers have already completed their bill filings. A total of 1,153 bills and 31 joint resolutions were filed by House members. In addition, there are 901 bills and 48 resolutions that are alive from the 2009 session.

As for myself, I filed six bills and carried over one from the past session. The primary focus of my legislation is public safety, including the safety created by having updated roads and bridges. I have also filed legislation regarding the American Legion and wind energy in Oklahoma. I remain determined to continue to support the modernization of state government, the streamlining of tax dollars to our classrooms, and the protection of taxpayers from unnecessary spending.

Sex Offenders

House Bill 2968 extends the amount of time a person convicted of a sex crime against a child can be imprisoned and stiffens the reporting requirements on registered sex offenders. Current law sets the minimum sentence for the abuse or sexual exploitation of a child at 25 years. My legislation would increase the minimum sentence to 50 years. The other important provision in my legislation would require that a map-able address be on file at all times for registered sex offenders.

Use of Emergency Lights

House Bill 2969 amends current law to restrict wrecker and towing services from using red and blue light combinations. This has been requested by some of our county sheriffs who feel that overuse of the red and blue flashing light combination can cause drivers to become desensitized to what those lights really mean. When people do not slow down or pull over for our emergency workers, everyone is endangered. Under my legislation, only emergency vehicles may use red and blue light combinations. All other vehicles will be allowed to use flashing amber lights. HB 2969 also requires wrecker and towing services to notify local law enforcement when they will be towing a vehicle for any non-payment reason. The towing service would be required to furnish information concerning the towed vehicle such as: a description of the vehicle, the address or location of where the vehicle was towed and the name, address and business telephone number of the wrecker or towing service provider.

Wind Energy

House Bill 2973 will allow for the further development of the Oklahoma wind energy industry while putting in place mandates that will protect our land’s integrity and the rights of property owners who participate in the wind energy industry.

Roads and Bridges

I have authored two bills, House Bill 2971 and House Bill 2972, that deal with our state’s emergency transportation and the manner in which our roads and bridges are repaired.

American Legion

House Bill 1471 is legislation I am carrying over from the 2009 session that grants tax exempt status to all chapters of the Oklahoma American Legion. This tax exempt status will not affect the state budget, but will allow the American Legion to put even more money back into their communities and programs.

Court Clerks Bill

House Bill 2970 updates court clerk postal and filing fees to match what they are being charged by the United States Postal Service.

I will keep you regularly updated on the activities of the Legislature through this column. As always, I would love to hear from you. I can be reached at the Capitol at (405) 557-7407.

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